2017 End of Season Report

Message from HDTL Chairman to all Club reps.

As the 2017 season draws to a close, I wanted to get in touch with you all and reflect on another great season and draw your attention to a number of matters:

Firstly I am looking forward to the End of Season Dinner Dance at The Black Sheep Brewery Masham on Friday 22nd September. I hope to see lots of you at the dinner supporting both the tournament and league victors and enjoying what is always a fun event.

Secondly, the committee and I have been considering how best to facilitate the the wishes of the member clubs with regard to the match format that was adopted this season. Throughout the season we've been gathering feedback and wanted to take this opportunity to share a high-level summary and an initial proposal for how we might approach a vote at the AGM on February 5th 2018.
Summary of Feedback Received
Based on the comments collated:
  • The majority prefer the new system, with the shortened waiting times and earlier finishes being cited as improvements 
  • A minority would prefer to return to the old system and miss playing "proper" sets and the tension afforded by the more traditional scoring system
  • Some have highlighted frustrations with the games-based scoring system in close matches and the effect that a strong pair can have on a match's outcome; the York Men's League system has been cited as a fairer alternative system that could be adopted
  • Others say they would like games to last longer and bemoan the shorting of tennis time (many also cite this as a positive outcome)
Proposed AGM Vote
Based on the above we propose the following to vote on at the AGM:
  • A Yes or No Vote on Returning to Old Sets-based Scoring System for 2018 Season 
    This can be implemented relatively easily using our existing software and will not require huge committee time to organise
Whilst a majority seem to favour staying with the new system, our feedback has not been collated scientifically and there is a significant, vocal contingent who favour a return back to the old system. Holding the vote seems fair having given the new system a season to trial.
Any other proposals (including adopting the York Men's System as an amendment to the existing system) would need to be proposed to the AGM by end of December 2017, with proposers being mindful they will likely need to be deferred to the 2019 season and may require their personal help on the committee to implement. Making any new system workable and minimising the workload of the League Secretary (a position that is technically vacant as of next year) are of paramount concern.
Actions for Club's to Take - Please Do This
  • Get a balanced, representative opinion of your members - how do they want you to vote on their behalf? What would they like to do?
    • e.g. Starbeck held a vote of its members (via email) on the original change to the match format - we encourage you to gauge a fair reflection in a similar manner
  • Let us know the results of this exercise 
  • Submit alternative proposals that you intend to make for the AGM by end December 2017 (but please give as much warning as possible to the committee if this is the intention, ideally by end of September so we can discuss in advance)
The Role of the Committee
To be clear we're not here to impose any particular system or another; merely to implement a workable system as voted for by the members, inline with the constitution of the league. We adopted a new scoring system this season, precisely in that manner.
We feel there is somewhat of a split in how people view the new format and want to try and facilitate the preferred system of the majority, as best we can.
Please be mindful of that when discussing this matter with my committee colleagues. 
Committee Vacancies
Carolyn will put herself forward to continue as League Secretary at the AGM but is willing to step down if a new face wishes to take on this (not inconsiderable!) role. Please advise nominations ASAP.
General Vacancies
We don't have enough people on the committee and need some willing people to take on some relatively small tasks to spread the load and also better represent the league makeup. Please speak to your membership and put forward any suitable candidates ASAP!
Apologies for the long email; hope it all makes sense, please do ask any questions you might have and we look forward to hearing back.
See you at the Dinner Dance!
Paul Evison 
HDTL Chair

Published on Thursday 31st August 2017 by Carolyn

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