2018 Autumn Knock Out Cup

The HDTL is proposing to arrange a knock-out Autum Cup.
The event would be a free to enter, knock-out competition, that included mixed, mens and ladies doubles. We would have two cup competitions an 'Open Cup' and a 'Restricted Cup'. Clubs could enter a maximum of two teams into each Cup (ie. 2x Teams into Open & 2x Teams into Restricted).
The closing date for entry is 21 July 2018.
Clubs would have to nominate 4x men and 4x women to represent each of the teams they enter. If none of the players nominated for that team are available on a given match day, the club may bring in another player (who is not nominated to another team).
The 'Open Cup' will be for any club to enter; and the 'Restricted Cup will only be for teams in division 3 and lower.
The match format will be:
Round 1 - 1x Men's Doubles Match, 1x Ladies Doubles Match
Round 2 - 2x Mixed Doubles Matches
The scoring will be:
Best of 3 tiebreak sets (tiebreak to 7, winning by 2 clear points played at 6-6 in games); and a championship tiebreak (first to 10 points, winning by 2 clear points) will be used in the case of a third set.
The match result:
A point will be awarded for winning a rubber; so that match score is out of 4 points; if the score is tied at 2 points each; then the victory will be awarded to the team with the most sets (if this is tied), then the team with the most games (if this is tied), then a tiebreak to 10 points will be played between any two doubles pairings.
After the match:
The winning team will progress through to the next stage of the Cup; with the losing team being knocked out. To give everyone two matches, we will run a consolation in the first round.
Match weeks:
The Cup will start 'week commencing Monday 10th September' and run for subsequent weeks until the final is reached.
Matches will take place at clubs with floodlit courts, non floodlit venues can enter, but they will need to play their fixtures away from home, to guarantee the match gets played.
Teams will be seeding depending upon how they finish the 2018 mixed season. So the team winning division 1; will be given the top seeded spot in the Open Cup.
Please ask your Club rep to enter a team(s) before 21 July.

Published on Friday 22nd June 2018 by Carolyn

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