Start of 2021 season

This email was sent to all 18 club reps 2 March 2021

Hi to all 18 HDTL Club reps, 

We hope you are all looking forward to being back on court from 29 March.  

The HDTL committee met on Wednesday 24 February to plan ahead for the 2021 season.  

Below is our proposal, which is subject to Government change at any time, as we know. The HDTL committee is here to facilitate, not dictate, so your comments and suggestions pre-agm are welcome.  

For this to work you will need to contact your players promptly, and liaise within your club. 


  1. The HDTL AGM will be on Monday 19 April 7pm, on Zoom, subject to a Club offering to arrange the Zoom meeting, as none of the Committee have the means. 
  2. The League will start on Monday 17 May, and the league structure will depend on how many teams are entered, and the structure (ie Divisions and teams in them will be agreed at the AGM).  
  3. All clubs must submit their teams and league entry form to the league secretary PRIOR to the AGM (by 18 April). A provisional division structure can then be presented at the AGM for your approval based on the 2020 division structure. 
  4. Some clubs have stated they will be entering a reduced number of teams in 2021. At the  AGM we can vote whether to make the 2021 league a Non Competitive one-off league with the full league commencing in 2022, or making 2021 a full competitive league with teams  not entering in 2021 being dropped, and they could only re-enter in 2022 in the lowest division. Trophies would still be awarded for either option.
  5. There is not much time between the AGM and the league start date so teams should book their courts for 14 weeks on the chosen home night from 17 May, and then change the booking once the fixture list is available 
  6. Changes to fixtures will be allowed between clubs, organised by the captains 
  7. Most of the league rules will apply where possible, but all need to be flexible. 
  8. The tournament will not be a fixed week as before, and maybe some events can be played in September 
  9. Your comments and suggestions welcomed.

Carolyn Rothwell, on behalf of the HDTL Committee

Published on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by Carolyn

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