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2021 results

Published on Wednesday 1st September 2021

The results of the 2021 season are nearly all in, with some matches still to be played by the end of September, and the winners have been declared. Well done to all the captains and club reps for getting teams on court and matches played.

Winning teams have been presented with a special trophy for 2021, and eight winners' medals. Photos can be seen under the Gallery section of the website.

Division 1 - David Lloyd

Division 2 -  Wetherby

Division 3 - Starbeck A

Division 4 - Wetherby A

Division 5 - Harlow B

Division 6 - Westfields


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AGM 2022

Published on Tuesday 10th August 2021

The HDTL AGM will be on Monday 28 February 2022. Venue to be advised.

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Start of 2021 season

Published on Tuesday 2nd March 2021

This email was sent to all club reps after the AGM on 19 April

Hi to all 18 Club reps,
I am using the contact details provided on the HDTL league entry form. As the HDTL rep for your club it is your role to pass the below information on to your clubs' captains, players and committee. I do not have their details, and all HDTL emails are sent just to you, the Club rep.
The club rep and captains' phone numbers that you put on the HDTL entry form (or will do!) will go on the HDTL website. Email addresses do not, and are only used by the league for league correspondence.
You may receive lots of questions from members, as will I, but I only reply to the club rep, and all queries should come through you. Dealing with 18 clubs is easier than with 600 players.
At the AGM it was decided that:
  • The 2021 season will be a one-off, using the teams as entered. In 2022 we would hope to revert to the planned 2020 format.
  • There will be six divisions of 7 teams (see attached). So each club will have 12 fixtures.
  • Some clubs have pulled teams. Northallerton are not competing this year. Thirsk have added a team.
  • The season runs for 14 weeks from 17 May -31 August, and until 30 September is available for rearranged matches.
  • Ian Hargreaves will prepare the fixture list and it will be emailed to club reps when available. It will go on the website, and into League Planner.
  • Please make sure your courts are booked out for home night matches before the fixture list is available, and then revise when it is.
  • Clubs can serve post-match teas when government restrictions allow, but the visitors must be told, and confirm if they wish to stay.
  • Trophies will be awarded to Division winners.
  • There will be no HDTL tournament this year.
  • An end of season social evening may go ahead, hosted by Ripon, and clubs will be polled during the season.
Match Results will be entered by the home team, and the results card emailed to the new Results Secretary, Mike Triffitt. The email address for this, and the crib sheet for entering results into League Planner will be emailed to you once the fixture list is known.
This season will be different, but the HDTL committee hopes that everyone will enjoy competitive matches, whilst being kind, compassionate and considerate to their opposition. Captains should contact each other before a match, and highlight any issues. If your club is having problems, as the club rep please approach the HDTL Committee for guidance.
Let's get on court!
Carolyn Rothwell

On behalf of the HDTL committee




This email was sent to all 18 club reps 2 March 2021

Hi to all 18 HDTL Club reps, 

We hope you are all looking forward to being back on court from 29 March.  

The HDTL committee met on Wednesday 24 February to plan ahead for the 2021 season.  

Below is our proposal, which is subject to Government change at any time, as we know. The HDTL committee is here to facilitate, not dictate, so your comments and suggestions pre-agm are welcome.  

For this to work you will need to contact your players promptly, and liaise within your club. 


  1. The HDTL AGM will be on Monday 19 April 7pm, on Zoom, subject to a Club offering to arrange the Zoom meeting, as none of the Committee have the means. 
  2. The League will start on Monday 17 May, and the league structure will depend on how many teams are entered, and the structure (ie Divisions and teams in them will be agreed at the AGM).  
  3. All clubs must submit their teams and league entry form to the league secretary PRIOR to the AGM (by 18 April). A provisional division structure can then be presented at the AGM for your approval based on the 2020 division structure. 
  4. Some clubs have stated they will be entering a reduced number of teams in 2021. At the  AGM we can vote whether to make the 2021 league a Non Competitive one-off league with the full league commencing in 2022, or making 2021 a full competitive league with teams  not entering in 2021 being dropped, and they could only re-enter in 2022 in the lowest division. Trophies would still be awarded for either option.
  5. There is not much time between the AGM and the league start date so teams should book their courts for 14 weeks on the chosen home night from 17 May, and then change the booking once the fixture list is available 
  6. Changes to fixtures will be allowed between clubs, organised by the captains 
  7. Most of the league rules will apply where possible, but all need to be flexible. 
  8. The tournament will not be a fixed week as before, and maybe some events can be played in September 
  9. Your comments and suggestions welcomed.

Carolyn Rothwell, on behalf of the HDTL Committee

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Published on Sunday 29th November 2020

This email was sent to club reps 1 February 2021

Hi to all HDTL club contacts, 

And a Happy New Year, although it hasn’t really been much fun has it? 

The HDTL Committee met on 26 January to discuss the league and to plan ahead. Our last email dated 9 November 2020 said we’d try for team sheets by the end of February, and an and AGM early March, but whilst we are still in lockdown, with no release date, that doesn’t seem feasible. 

The Committee proposes that we still look to have an AGM in March (as per our constitution) and the Committee will meet each month to review the situation. 

Meanwhile, we would like you as Club reps to start planning how you would complete your League Entry Form, as you did for the 2020 season. Make sure you are willing to continue as Club rep, or find a replacement. Discuss with captains, your committee and players about which teams you’d like to enter, and who will be captain, and what home night each team would like. Here is the link to the 2019 results so you can see who played in the HDTL at your club in 2019. (Click on your club, and then scroll across and click on players)


Then, when we all feel we can start the league, the Committee will send you the form and ask you to submit it with short notice; we will have the AGM, and some sort of league will be sorted. It may not be the same as before for this year, it all depends on timings. Whilst we would all like to pick up from 2019, and have the league as before, we may not be able to for 2021. Please do not underestimate the amount of admin time it will take for the HDTL to get the completed forms from 18 Clubs, decide on a format, set up the fixtures, and put it all into League Planner. 

For any league to go ahead, we need to know:

  • The number of teams a club is submitting
  • The home match night for each team

  • A club rep who provides the above information, and circulates fixtures to the players/captains 


In addition, in May this year the LTA is launching the ITF World Tennis Number, to replace the old rankings and ratings, and every player will have their own ITF WTN for singles and doubles. To have an ITF WTN each player must belong to the LTA Advantage scheme (which is free and replaces the BTM). There is plenty of information about the ITF WTN on the LTA Website, and there are webinars you can attend for more information, which are slick and well run. Whilst many club doubles players may not be interested, they need an ITF WTN so that others who do care, and want their ITF WTN to be meaningful will have their scores in HDTL Doubles matches counted. 

Please help us to help you, by letting us know anything you would like the HDTL to consider, and by making contact with your players before we start to plan the HDTL for 2021. 

Many thanks, 

Carolyn Rothwell 

HDTL Secretary on behalf of the HDTL Committee


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